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Am I the last to know about the Sears' adopting a baby?

Did anyone else know about this?
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they told us when drama started... at practice. dont you remember?
hmm, I guess not.

shows how much I pay attention to her when she talks.
she told us in small groups sunday night a while ago
hmm yea, I dont go on sunday nights.
didnt know! but heck i havent been in awhile!
yeah i knew bout it but its gonna be weird for that baby i mean think bout it all of the three kids look the excat same i mean all the same dont u think they would catch on and be like why dont i look like yall? haha ohh well i think its cool but whatever i think adopting is cool! well i know they will be awsome parents! well later!
yeah i knew steve told his sunday school class a while back when they were first thinkin about it. that was like september or maybe even earlier.
they're adopting a baby? It is chinese or something? well I haven't been to church since forever, so duh I know nothing about bethel. Except that I don't like it, haha