vcr13 (vcr13) wrote in bethelbaptist,

yo was up guys

hey guys. dude this is def my first entry on here...which is really sad since ive been a member for like 6 months or well anyways..the reason y im postin on here is to c how many ppl even look at this thing anymore. cuz its been a while since its been updated and i know i havent looked at it since school got out last year. so if u c this then leave a comment that u saw it. thanks mucho. lata dudes
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uhhhh welll whoever is friends of the group or w/e automatically sees if there is something new posted when they look under their friends thing...
for real
i dont have any shampoo, can someone let me borrow some?? k, thanks.

what kind ya need?
well im going to the YC tomorrow so i think i can handle not washing my hair just one day......
but i use whatever my mom or kate gets me.....
see you soon!

i kinda forgot about that til right after i pressed oops. o well. just forget everything i said. used to i would just have all of my friends on my favorites list. but now i use my lj and just click friends. owell. atleast i got cya